Home Schooling in uganda during the pandemic

In October 2021, HEAL International received a generous donation of $4,290 from the Rotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield to provide home-schooling for students at the St. Lawrence Secondary school in rural Uganda.  These funds were used to address a gap in learning for secondary school youth due to the closure of schools in Uganda in 2020 and 2021.

In November 2021, HEAL International initiated a home-schooling project for one school’s previously enrolled students. We hired 12 teachers and 1 support staff to prepare home schooling materials for students in their school. A total of 105 students from Senior 1 to Senior 4 (equivalent to grade 8 to 11 in the Canadian school system) participated in our program. For some subjects, we were able to photocopy learning materials from the Government of Uganda; for other subjects, teachers prepared their own learning materials. Students came to the school to pick up these materials and received a short orientation. From time-to-time, students brought their work back to the school for teachers to review and provide feedback.

In January 2022, schools in Uganda fully reopened, but with limited support from the Government of Uganda.  The remaining funds from Rotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield were used to create partitioned spaces in classrooms to allow for physical distancing, supplies to prepare the school for reopening and teachers salaries to allow them to prepare for the new abridged curriculum the Ministry of Education had put into place.

The benefits to date are:

  1. We enabled 105 students who had missed two years of school to continue learning from their homes.
  2. Schoolteachers, who had not been working or paid for most of 2020 and 2021, were able to resume teaching activities and earn an income.
  3. The school’s reputation has improved in the community leading to higher enrollment.
  4. The school was well prepared to introduce the new national abridged curriculum to its students.

The Board of HEAL International extends their appreciation to the Rotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield. The pandemic created many challenges for youth in low-income countries and the donation provided went a long way in reducing the barriers youth faced in learning.

Below are some photos as well as letters of appreciation from the school in Uganda.

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