St. Lawrence Vocational Secondary School

HEAL is working with a Ugandan community group to help construct a new vocational secondary school in a rural village in western Uganda. So far, HEAL has raised funds to support the construction of two classroom blocks.  We still require funds to complete a third block to allow the school to provide comprehensive secondary education.   Please click here to donate.

The school is located in Kahangi Village, Kabarole District in western Uganda. This is a very underserved area.  Prior to our involvement, students had to walk 2 to 2.5 hours to the nearest secondary school. This meant that students had to leave their homes before sunrise and return after sunset.  As a result, most students only completed their primary schooling.

This is a truly collaborative initiative.  The land was donated by a local organization, and the community donated some labour and local building materials, such as bricks, sand, stone, water, labour, and transport. HEAL provided additional construction items such as cement, iron sheets, timber, doors, windows, and desks.  HEAL worked with the community in Kahangi to ensure that this was a sustainable project that could be supported over the long-term by the community themselves.  The community already operate the school without external funding.

Objectives for St. Lawrence VSS (as stated by the local committee):

  1. Many children will access education.
  2. Poverty will be reduced in the community as students who graduate from secondary school will have better economic opportunities.
  3. Reduction in early pregnancies and HIV infection as girls stay in school and learn more about health.
  4. Increased opportunities for girls to access education close to where they live, thus reducing the vulnerabilities they face as they travel long distances in the dark.