The child sponsorship program provides education to children that may not have the opportunity to attend school and places them on a path towards a brighter future. Children may live at home with their own family or foster parents and travel back and forth to school each day. Some high risk or exceptionally bright children may attend boarding school.

HEAL is looking for long term commitments to a child, but we also accept one-time donations that are subsequently combined to send one or more children to school. The cost of educating each child varies slightly depending on whether they are attending primary school, secondary school or boarding school, and whether they are living with their own family or a foster family. However, the average cost of educating a child in the community is $45.00 CDN per month.

As a sponsor you will receive information on the child’s performance at school, periodic updates on the activities of HEAL International and on occasion, correspondence from your sponsored child.

Your donation will help to provide a child with the opportunity and ability to change his or her own life and put them on a path to a brighter future.

$45.00 CDN per month sends a child to school. Payment can be made on an annual basis, semi-annually or monthly.