Yes Uganda

MRHOne of our partners is Youth Encouragement Services (YES), a well-established Ugandan NGO founded by Carol Adam’s. It has been helping orphaned children and vulnerable families since 1996. The organization’s aim is to help those children left without parents or with sick parents: AIDS orphans and street children. YES Uganda tries to help vulnerable families while keeping them together. The organization opens up educational and training opportunities for children and is hands-on proactive with health issues and welfare improvement.

For more information on Yes Uganda, please see their website, Carol Adam’s blog and their YouTube channel.


Learning Beyond Borders

We work with youth in Canada on our school-to-school partnership program called Learning Beyond Borders.  The aim of this program is to instill a sense of global citizenship in youth in Canada and to foster interactive communications between youth in Canada and youth in Uganda.  In 2008, Old Scona Academic in Edmonton established the first Learning Beyond Borders club in their school.  Since then, this program has expanded to the University of Alberta and University of Calgary.

For more information on Learning Beyond Borders, visit their website.


Peer Education Kabarole

We also work with youth in western Uganda on peer-to-peer health education.  The Peer Education Kabarole program was established in 2009.  It currently runs in 15 schools in the Kabarole district in western Uganda supporting close to 9,000 secondary students.  This program works in partnership with the Kabarole District Health Department.

For more information on Peer Education Kabarole, visit their website.