Success Stories

Scholarship Program Graduates

HEAL International has established a scholarship program for post-secondary professional and vocational training. Since 2010, HEAL scholarships have helped 5 students complete post-secondary training.

Our Scholarship Graduates:


James Kayondo completed his Assistant Medical Lab Technology program in January 2014. After graduation, James volunteered at the Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital until he found employment at Virika Hospital (also in Fort Portal).  Since James is disabled, his challenges have been significant. His new career provides him and his extended family a livelihood that would not have been possible otherwise.

Geofrey Achibu completed his 3-year scholarship for a Clinical Officer at the Fort Portal School of Clinical Officers in 2014. Growing up, Geofrey’s family faced many hardships due to poverty and disease. Despite these, Geofrey has always taken his community responsibilities seriously. He educates community members on HIV/AIDS prevention, malaria control, and improving science literacy. He writes:

“I had passed through a lot of hardships during my education before HEAL International had come. In that I even felt so sad that I was not going to manage to push further than O level certificate but you managed to push me further from where I had gotten stuck and now I’m a clinical officer. I’m very thankful to you, HEAL International.”

Moses Gumisiriza graduated from the Kagando School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2013.  He finished at the top of his class and was on the top 10 list to graduate from nursing in Uganda. He is currently employed as a nurse and was recently admitted to the clinical officers training school in Fort Portal. Through his hard work and dedication, Moses is able to give back to his family, community, and Uganda. He writes:

“Am so grateful for what you have made me out of many and the dreams you have put into my soul. May the highest lord grant success and life to meet your heart desires.”


Nabila Salim has completed the nursing program at the Kagando School of Nursing and Midwifery. She writes:

“I thank you very much for the support you have rendered to me wholeheartedly and may the Almighty God bless you.”


Nicholas Tusabe graduated from a 2-year Enrolled Apprentice program to study bricklaying at the Kyamuhunga Technical School in Bushenyi in 2012. He is currently running a successful construction company and assists with maintenance of the Manna Rescue Home. Nicholas hopes to continue his post-secondary studies further in order to meet his goals of being an engineer. Nicholas writes:

Nicholas Tusabe“I take this opportunity to thank HEAL International for the full support you gave to me in my education to complete a Level 1 and Level 2 course in bricklaying and building construction.   I also want to thank Carol Adams (YES Uganda) for the support she has provided to me and my family since my childhood.

In 2015, I joined a construction company (Prutaz Construction).  I was happy to work with them on the construction of the boys’ dormitory at the Manna Rescue Home for YES Uganda.   I was then given a transfer to Kampala to work as a foreman for a one-floor residential home.  My next project was to construct two residential homes for World Harvest Mission in Bundibugyo district, which was recently completed.

These jobs have provided me with an income to look after my needs. I have also saved some money to enroll in a Diploma program in Civil Engineering.  I plan to apply this April for the two year course.  This diploma will allow me to get a better job and income for my family.

I have so much I wish to say, but it’s not possible to put it all in writing.  May God bless HEAL International and YES Uganda.


Nicholas Tusabe.”