Snap Shot of Success

Child Education Sponsorships

The child sponsorship program provides primary and secondary-level education opportunities to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school. In 2014, HEAL sponsors directly supported 11 students.  Additional donations of $11,000 went towards covering the costs of tuition and school supplies for 300 students supported by YES Uganda.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

In 2014, HEAL provided scholarships to 10 dedicated students:

  • Stephen continued his 1st year at the best law school in the country
  • Alice, Elizabeth, Jackline, Janet, Ritah, Juliet, Nabila & Robert are all enrolled in nursing programs
  • Bright is studying to become a Clinical Officer

School Partnerships

We have been working with the Kakooga and Rugaaga primary schools in Uganda since 2007.  In 2010, we partnered Old Scona High School in Edmonton with these schools.  Since then, Old Scona students have raised over $23,000 for text books, practice exams, and sports equipment at Kakooga and Rugaaga.  As a result, Kakooga and Rugaaga students’ national exam scores have improved substantially.  Below is a graph showing the progress of students in achieving the first and second level highest academic standings in the Primary Leaving Exams administered in the seventh and final year of primary school.